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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Five signs you should change your major

Most people change their minds about what to study at least once as a student. It's pretty common, especially in the first year as you realise that topic that enthralled you in high school has become an entirely different beast at uni.

Five signs you should change your major:
  1. You're bored to tears.
  2. You absolutely hate it and can't stand the thought of another minute of class.
  3. You're working really really hard, but only getting C's.
  4. You're really, really interested in something else and think about that all the time.
  5. You realise the reasons you had for taking that major weren't really reasons.
If this is you, it's OK. Relax! You can do this. Lots of people change their majors. Even, sometimes, after completing entire Masters degrees! Book an appointment with the Course Advice department of your university or one of the careers people, who can help you plan a new major and change any courses necessary.

Sometimes you may have to wait out that semester, if you can't change immediately, but remember that it's a relatively short time to wait. You may be able to credit those courses to your new major anyway.

How will you know when you've found the right major? Here are five signs:
  1. You'll be much happier.
  2. You'll enjoy going to class and doing assignments.
  3. Your grades will improve.
  4. Doing schoolwork will be mostly interesting!
  5. You'll feel a sense of purpose, like the major fits in with your skills and personality.
Good luck!

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